From idea to full-blown product.

We design and develop custom-tailored software for businesses and consumers.
Together with our customers we build products that don't suck.

The past years we have worked on a wide range of projects for a variety of companies, including:

  • A single-page web application for a business intelligence startup.
  • A web-based infographic generator for the national health services.
  • Automated browser-based tests for a high-profile web application.
  • Marketing websites and email campaigns for a leading social network.
  • A technology demo for a non-profit browser vendor.

We take our trade seriously and love to share the challanges we faced and the solutions we came up with:

Looking for a new partner to build software with? Feel free to drop us a line. We would love to get to know you and your organization.

Want more info about our key services? Learn about our Ember.js consulting or RESTful API consulting.

We share an office with Pixelpillow at Westerlaan 51, only a few minutes' walk from Zwolle station. You can find us in suite 4.5.

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We already had the pleasure to work on projects for companies such as: